A mysterious, faceless woman who sent you to the Marlowe Valley as a test of your abilities.


Tall, dark curly hair drawn back in a pony-tail. Wears a white shirt and black tie, grey trilby hat, grey trench coat, and dark leather gloves. Also wears a mask that causes her to appear faceless.


Ostensibly saved the investigators by ‘debunking’ their photographs of MiGo, claiming that by doing so she prevented them from catching the attention of agents in positions of high authority who would have an interest in covering up existence of aliens.
Was unimpressed by Nettie’s bravado in the face of potential extermination by government shadow agents.

It is entirely possible, based upon her revelations at the end of the Marlowe Valley incident, that the investigators were never in any danger from shadow government authorities, and that she had simply selected the investigators to use them as a distraction during her own investigation. Yet, in spite of her deception, her actions as yet SEEM noble…


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