Drew Wakefield

Curatore of the Marlowe Valley Historical Museum


A young man in his twenties, younger than one would expect a museum curator to be. He’s lean, with a pair of coke-bottle glasses, and unkempt, short brown hair. He wears slightly baggy, but good-looking, tidy clothing.


Introduced to Nettie Oats by Chip Hunter, he proposes to her the theory that the Bone Eater is a werewolf, and that the valley has been terrorized by werewolves for as far back as the history books go. He admits to being stumped as to why the werewolf’s MO would change, and suddenly become the loud, public display that are the Bone Eater’s victims.
Though more investigation is required, for now he shares Nettie’s suspicions that the Trellate family are serious suspects.

EDIT: Deceased. Killed while assisting in the ritual that banished the wendigo inhabiting Sage Inmann.

Drew Wakefield

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