Chip Hunter

Reporter for the Marlowe Black and White


A large, overweight, red-faced man in a leisure suit that looks just a little bit too small for him. Though he’s probably only in his late thirties, he’s already begun to go bald.


After running into Nettie Oats at the Marlowe Black and White, he pointed her in the direction of more information regarding the sordid history of the Valley, and then told her to contact him later. Meeting with her at the Eastern River Bridge, then walking to the Marlowe Valley Historical Museum, he let her in on a small conspiracy he’d formed with the museum’s curator, Drew Wakefield, with whom he shares the theory that the valley is, and has been for over a hundred years, all the way back to 1827 (and most likely earlier) being terrorized by a werewolf. He’s let Nettie in on the secret because he admits that he and Drew aren’t getting along in their own investigations quickly enough and need help, but need help from outsiders whom they can be assured AREN’T a werewolf- as anyone in the valley could potentially be their enemy.

EDIT: Deceased. Killed by Sage Inmann during the ambush on her secret hideout in the Backhills west of the Marlowe Valley.

Chip Hunter

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