The Traversal Arrangement Design

The Bone Eater Destroyed

September 7 1995

After a lengthy investigation within the Marlowe Valley, the Bone Eater’s identity was uncovered, revealed to be a woman named Sage Inmann, who had been alive within the valley for close to two hundred years. Delving into historical records, it became suspected that she had, in her infancy, been subjected to a ritual that made her the host of a Wendigo spirit, which laid a curse upon her, causing her, and any individual she bit, to transform into a werewolf.

Sage was tracked to her lair in the Backhills, where she was then ambushed and taken captive, but at the cost of an innocent civilian, and the reporter Chip Hunter. Subdued, she was brought to the wendigo shrine, where a ritual was performed that finally slew her- but again, only at the cost of life, as the local museum’s young curator, Drew Wakefield, did not survive.

Returning to the Juniper Bough, the investigators found themselves confronted by Question again, who revealed to them that while they had done a great service in ridding the valley of the bone eater, their true mission had been one of misdirection, occupying the attention of local authorities while she slipped into the valley to do her own investigating concerning the Trellate family. Her investigations posed the theory that the Trellates had purposely engineered the creation of the dilapidated state of the Oakheim Projects, for the purpose of being able to abduct the squatters and homeless who found shelter there. Question then left, saying that in the future she might call upon the investigators for their aid again, once her own investigation into the Trellates had reached a state of readiness.



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